Transportation Bond Election 2015

A bond proposal on the May 9 ballot in Georgetown would authorize $105 million to fund transportation projects over 10 years.

Map of objectives and proposed projects:
Transportation Bond Projects Map

Funding would be in three categories: build, design, and plan.

Build: construction of new roads or sidewalks
Design: engineering to make projects shovel-ready when construction funding is available
Plan: initial design work

Proposed projects would address five key transportation objectives.

North-south mobility

1. DB Wood Road (build) University to Oak Ridge
2. Wolf Ranch Parkway (build)
3. Southwest Bypass (build) Wolf Ranch Parkway to DB Wood Road
4. Southwestern Boulevard (build)
5. Southwest Bypass (design) Wolf Ranch Parkway to University Avenue
6. DB Wood Road (plan) Oak Ridge to Overlook Drive
7. Shell Road (plan)

East-west mobility

8. Leander Road (build)
9. Leander Road Bridge (design)
10. East University Avenue (design)
11. NE Inner Loop (design)
12. Stadium Drive (design)
13. SE Inner Loop (plan)

Central core mobility

14. Northwest Boulevard Bridge (build)
15. Rivery Boulevard extension (build)
16. I-35 northbound frontage (build)
17. I-35 southbound frontage (plan)
18. Williams Drive (plan)

Sidewalk and ADA accessibility

$10 million (build)

Intersection and safety improvements

$5 million (build)

Completion of engineering and design work enables a project to be eligible for funding from other local, state, or federal sources when they are available.

Note that anticipated transportation projects may be adjusted as a result of market conditions, available state or federal funding, or other factors.

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